General Life…

Husband with his moustache 😂 Yeah, I couldn’t stop laughing! He looks like one of the guys on Reno 911. Poor guy has to deal with me!

What’s been happening with me over the last few weeks? Meh, not much. Husband still hasn’t found a job (he can’t even get an interview) Wondering if it’s due to Covid or due to his 1 year gap on his resume. I told him to somehow mention that he was taking care of me. We are getting extremely worried.

We can’t really catch a break either. My husband went to the dentist and they told him that he should have his teeth pulled and get dentures. Husband is incredibly bummed.

In other news, these are delicious! Horrible picture, but you get it. Yes, it has alcohol in it.

We are scheduled for a road trip next Thursday to Ohio. Looking forward to it. We are going to watch IMSA racing. They’re limiting the amount of people, so hopefully we will stay safe.

Otherwise, my hip is sore on occasion. I have a PET scan and brain MRI in October. Trying to stay positive, but my back has been hurting.

Thinking of you and hope you are all doing well.❤️❤️❤️

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