Weekend at Mid-Ohio Race Track

Chris and I at Mid-Ohio on Turn 6 – yes, I have teeth issues (happened during the Covid 19 and dentists were closed)
Chris at Quaker Steak and Lube
Chris and I at Mid-Ohio 4th turn area

What a fantastic weekend!! First of all, I absolutely love road trips with my husband. It gives us alone time to talk…no interruptions by dogs, brother or phone. We drove 6 hours the first night and got to Hermitage, PA. We got there late, but the following morning we drove through the Avenue of 444 Flags. This is basically a cemetery with a ton of flags on their driveway. Most of these flags were monuments for loved ones. Great place to take photos, but only when it’s windy. Alas, there was no wind, so we didn’t take any pictures.

We then drove another two hours to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Track for the IMSA race. Husband wanted to go to this because it was supposed to be Porshe’s last race in IMSA. Unfortunately, there team in the UK had come down with Covid 19, so no Porshe’s. 😞. We stayed at the track and watched practice.

Then we went to our Hotel…Nationwide Conference and Hotel. We discovered this place years ago. One of my husband’s nieces got married there. If you’re ever near Dublin, Ohio, I suggest you look into staying here. It’s beautiful.

Went back to the track Saturday and Sunday. I noticed Saturday night that I got a little burnt…so, I lathered on the Suntan Lotion, but it didn’t help. I don’t tan, I burn. The tops of my ears hurt like hell! The weather was absolutely beautiful though!

I’m happy because I walked about 3 miles every day. It wasn’t bad, but I was out of breath. I am so out of shape. I don’t think it’s just the lung cancer. I’ve gained a lot of weight since last year. I keep saying I’m doing it to be ready for chemo (if I end up having to get that).

I have some good pain in my kidney area. Not sure what that’s from, I’m hoping I’m still stable. I’m a little concerned. I do get another PET scan on October 8th, so I will know then. I still have to make an appointment for an MRI.

Well, thank you for reading. I may add more as I remember things. Thinking of you and hope you’re doing well.♥️♥️♥️

PS: that debate between Trump and Biden was an absolute ShitShow! That’s all the political words I’m going to say.

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