Well,I have my brain MRI on Tuesday and my PET scan on Thursday. I’m normally not worried, but I am this time. I’ve been stable for 16 months. Crizotinib has been working great, but I’m well aware that my cancer can change.

I’ve been having some pain in my kidney area. It started about two weeks ago. I’m hoping that it’s nothing. Maybe it’s pain from my lopsidedness, due to my partial hip replacement. Maybe it’s a kidney stone. Of course, my mind goes directly to the worst case scenario.

I despise MRIs. Last time I had one, I didn’t take any anti-anxiety meds. I literally thought I was going to die. I’m calling my doctor tomorrow to see if they can give me a couple of Ativan. I have no problem with the PET scans.

Change of subject, but just as anxiety causing. My pup, Mickey, has some extreme coughing. He’s about 12-13 years old, so I know his time is coming. I’m not ready.

So, if you all could send me some good juju, karma or prayers, I’d appreciate it. You all are in my thoughts and thank you for reading.❤️❤️

2 thoughts on “Scanxiety…

  1. Hello! I have read your recent posts but haven’t gotten around to posting. I know what you mean about the scanxiety. It creeps in around the edges, and then some days it just hits you in the face like a 2 x 4.

    I actually like your husband’s mustache/moustache! I enjoyed all the pictures for your travel.

    A dog’s rising age can be scary. Our dog is the first dog I’ve had in my adult life, and the first I’ve kept the whole time. We got her at my insistence when I was diagnosed, because I wanted something for the kids to focus on. Like you, I am very afraid of my dog’s death. I have told my family that I might want to go first.

    I wish you good luck with the MRI and the PetScan. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible. On another note, I’ve been meaning to ask for your address (in the WordPress chat) to send you this book. My daughter loves lists, and a few years ago, she asked for a book of lists from the people that make the Breathe magazine (somewhere in Europe I think). They mailed it very late, and I somehow ended up getting two copies.

    I won’t use it. I make lists like crazy, in my personal life, and in my writing, so a book seems unnecessary. But I know you enjoy making lists. Let me know if you want it in the private chat, give me your address(pristine condition, never written in), and I will mail it. I am trying to unclutter and give stuff away (a good coronavirus pastime, of course).

    I will be thinking of you this week!

    Take care,



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