Scan Results…

So, I had my brain MRI this past Tuesday and the results are: no abnormalities found.

I had my PET scan yesterday (Thursday) and the results are: still stable.

I am incredibly happy. I am 17 months stable on Crizotinib. I hope it continues it’s magic!!

So, after hearing the results, I did a thing. I rode my mountain bike 5 miles. I thought I was going to die. My hip didn’t hurt at all, but my endurance sucks. My heart rate was way too high during the ride. Here’s the thing, since diagnosis, I have not really done any exercise.

Before diagnosis, I weighed 140#, I rode my bike over 100miles a week and I took two exercise classes a week. I also was careful about what I ate. The first quarter after diagnosis, I weighed 119# (Keytruda did NOT like me at all). Since being on Crizotinib since April, I now weigh 175#. I can not believe it. I realize that I need to stop eating all that I’m eating and get exercising more. I’m quite embarrassed.

That’s all the news I have for now. Hope everyone is doing well♥️♥️

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