Lung Cancer Research Foundation & Colonoscopy…

I received my official kite for the #Lungcancerresearchfund #LCRF #goflyakite #kitesforacure . I will fly this on June 26th wherever I am.

In case you’re wondering about the tail colors, this is what they stand for:

White: know someone with lung cancer.
Turquoise: lost someone to lung cancer.
Navy: support the fight against lung cancer.
Orange: I have lung cancer.

I still have 4 days left to fundraise…remember: $5.00 gets me, singing a song, in a Christmas Tree costume:)

I had my 1st colonoscopy yesterday. The prep was terrible and I did not feel alive until this morning, however, I do not need a 2nd cancer.

I had no issues…not even a polyp! That’s a good thing! If you are 45 years old and older or have a familial history of colon cancer, please schedule your colonoscopy.

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