Bucket List…

Do not like making these lists. But I’ve noticed that while I have quiet time or driving around, things I want to do just come up…and then I forget them. So here is where they will be.

  • Ride in a racecar on Mid-Ohio Raceway.
  • Ride in a racecar on Indianapolis.
  • Stay in the Presidental suite in a resort in Atlantic City…ocean-facing.
  • Meet the CEO and Board of Directors of Pfizer…weird, but their drug has given more time and outstanding quality. I want then to see a person their work affects.
  • Get a suite at TD Garden for a Bruins game.
  • Meet the Bruins…okay, this is more for my husband.
  • Ride in a Lamborghini.
  • Get in a pit of puppies.
  • Have a professional cake made by Ron-Ben Isreal. Love that guys smile 🙂
  • Have a professional makeover.
  • Own one item of Louis Vitton.
  • Get 1st row tickets at a Nine Inch Nails concert.
  • Meet Nine Inch Nails. Yes, I’m 50 years old, but I love these guys.
  • Get super dressed up for some kind of gala.
  • Dance around in wildflowers.
  • Take a bath in rose petals.
  • Pose with the happy sunflower field.
  • Have dessert brandy and expensive cigars with my family. We did this when i was younger (yes, i was 21), but it was so cool. Kind of high brow.
  • Ride horses in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Search for seaglass in Seaham, England.
  • Ride along with a cop.
  • Stay in a super haunted house/hotel/B&B.
  • Meet Donald Trump…dont give me a hard time, he seems to be the most interesting man in the world
  • See Peter Gabriel in concert one last time and be in the front row. Meeting him would be a plus.
  • Swim, in all my naked fat glory, in an infinity pool.

That’s it for now…lol!

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