Three days ago, I started walking around my development. I did .73 miles on Thursday, .83 miles on Friday and 1.04 Mike’s today. I can not tell you how proud I am. It’s been forever since I’ve walked that far. Not only am I still recovering from the hip replacement, but this morning I kicked my dog’s ankle by accident and flipped my nail backwards. It is sore as hell and will be falling off within the next few days.

I plan to get on the bike tomorrow and maybe take another walk.

Yeahhhh me!!!!

Another Goal Reached…

I walked .70 miles last night. Yes, I walked around my block. I was so proud of myself. Such a small amount but such a huge achievement for me. I will be doing it again tonight. May try a little further. Hip/femur only hurt a little bit. It didn’t hurt any more this morning. Yeeehaaaa!! Not Today Cancer, not today!!

Goal Reached…

I did a thing today…I went grocery shopping with my husband and walked the whole way. I usually ride one of the store’s Jazzy’s, but today I said NOPE. I didn’t feel any hip pain and I wasn’t out of breath or lightheaded.

So I’ve accomplished a goal. Next up, walking around the block.


Laying here 1:50am, listening to my awesome husband and cuddly dog breathe and I’m slightly jealous. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy that neither one have an illness, but I’m jealous that they can fall asleep so easily. I can’t… Some days it’s definitely anxiety and other days, I think I’m going to miss something.

Tonight is I’m feeling like I’m going to miss something. I do not know what that something is but I have a funny feeling in my stomach and it won’t let me sleep.

I have tried baths/showers, reading an actual book, meditating, counting sheep and (the only thing that works somewhat) AdvilPM. I’ve wanted to ask my doctor for sleeping pills, but I’m a tad worried about using them.

So, tell me…what do you use/do to fall asleep?

Hockey Playoffs…

I am a Boston Bruins fan. Love them!! I’m watching the playoffs and they finally won one in 2 overtime …after failing miserably during their round Robin’s.

They were supposed to play last night, but CBJ and TB went into 5 Overtime. Longest game I’ve ever watched. I had to take a nap.

My favorite player is Pastrnak. He’s pretty good, but bit the big one earlier in the game. He passed and it went to the Canes player, who proceeded to get a goal.

Well, this was a rambling post…lol!

If you’re into hockey, who do you want to win and which player is your favorite?


So my comments are disappearing on others posts here. That’s upsetting. The ‘likes’are still there. I thought the one disappeared because they didn’t like the comment. However, I now see it’s all of them. What the hell is going on?

What are your 5?

Lorenzo Quinn – Gravity

What are your top 5 ‘want to do’ things? I’m not a giant fan of the word bucket list…it’s too overused.

My top 5 are:

1. Get my 2003 Ford Harley Davidson truck fixed. I can’t afford to do this, so it is steady rotting in my driveway.

2. Go to Florida and hang with my parents for at least 2 weeks. Due to Covid, I can’t do this at this time.

3. Go to another Peter Gabriel concert and meet him. I don’t know what I’d say to him, but I’d just like to shake his hand.

4. Go to a Boston Bruins game and meet the team. This would be more for my husband, but I love them too.

5. RV across the United States.

There are more, but those are my Top 5. Just had to get these written down somewhere.

Thanks for reading!! I’m thinking of you!♥️♥️

Need a dentist (amongst other things)

Me with my Battle Cap on…

So, I need to go to the dentist. I broke a tooth (you can see it in the picture above). I do not like going to the dentist…it hurts. I have so much work that needs to be done and it’s expensive. I know, I’m going to have to bite the bullet. I’m not happy missing a tooth in the front. I smile too big to hide it.

My baby Mickey…

My pup has a cough. Apparently, sometimes when they get older their cilia in their throat become non-working. It’s horrible and scares me. I’m not ready for him to go.

I’m going to the eye doctor tomorrow because I need new glasses. I’ve had these for about 3 years and I can barely see out of them.

As for my ‘diagnosis’, it is still there, but I’ve felt pretty incredible the last few weeks. My hip is still sore but Advil helps. I am grateful to my targeted therapy for not giving up on me yet!! Shout out to Xalkori😍Keep it up!

My husband still doesn’t have a job 😞 It’s stressing me out. Im worried we are going to run out of money. Yes, I was approved for SSI, but that would only cover the mortgage. I try to remain positive, but Covid isn’t helping things either.

That’s all I have for today. Thank you for reading and I’m thinking of you ♥️♥️♥️

Long time, no see…

I haven’t been here in a while, so I decided to do a post today.

I’m attempting to enjoy my life, but it’s so hard. Between my anxiety (over this cancer), Covid-19, my husband not having a job, my brother living in my house, and just the state of my house, it isn’t easy. I am basically worried about everything. I’ve always been this way and I have no idea how to stop it.

Physically, I am doing well. I’m getting around pretty well after my hip replacement in May. My PET scan didn’t show much lighting up. I’m not having any side effects from my medicine. My tageted therapy is still working 15 months in. Yeahhhh!

But I’m tired, tired of the worry. I hate how cancer doesn’t let you go back to your somewhat normal, bubbly self. I hate that cancer caused my femur to break, leading to a hip replacement that still causes me pain. I hate how cancer caused my to be isolated and unmotivated. I suppose some of this is me and can be corrected, I just have to want it. I have to change my mindset.

Thank you all for reading and know that I’m hoping you’re doing well.

Woodloch Resort Part Deux….

Hubs and I at cocktail hour

Tonight was filet mignon…basically you drink and you eat here (if you don’t have kids). We swam and used the hot tub.

It’s Yo-Yo man tonight. Hope it’s good. Ok, back from watching Yo-Yo man….that was an experience.

Tomorrow, there’s going to be a For Pete’s Sake team pool/lake games. I unfortunately will not be able to participate as I’m in a wheelchair. I can swim, but it involves running and jumping. So, I will yell my group on.

I hope I can get everyone’s email/phone numbers before we leave. I still don’t want to go home.

Thanks again for reading…there may be more. Thinking of you all♥️♥️♥️