Medicare…HELP!! Since I’m on SSDI, I am being forced to get Medicare. Sounds great, right? It will be cheaper than what I’m paying for private insurance, right? That would be a big nope.

Yes, my premiums will be lower, however, I have Stage 4 cancer and I’m taking a Tier 5 prescription. The first month co-pay will be something like $2000, then every month after that will be $500.

The deductible ranges anywhere from $4900 to $7500 for medical.

On private insurance, for both my husband and I, we’re paying $1800 a month, with a $7500 deductible on medical. My prescription is paid 100% after a $500 deductible on prescriptions.

This is horrible. I don’t know how I’m supposed to afford this. I won’t qualify for co-pay assist because I will have Medicare Part D.

I’m 49yo and don’t understand this bullshit. I’m almost thinking I should get off SSDI and just push through feeling like shit at a job.

This weighs heavily on me and I don’t know how people do this. I’m going to find a Medicare specialist that can explain this to me, but they are only doing telephone help and I don’t like that. Yes, I have phone anxiety.

Anyway, if anyone has any insight, please leave a comment.

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