Colonoscopy and Family.

So, I’m doing prep today for a colonoscopy tomorrow…oh yeah!! However, if it saves me from another cancer, I’ll do it!!

You should too if you’re 45 years or older OR you have a family history of it. You’re asleep, so your embarrassment is limited and you won’t feel anything. Don’t let that stop you…do it!

If they had a monitoring program for lungs, I probably wouldn’t be Stage 4.

If this post pushes at least one person to schedule their colonoscopy, then my oversharing has worked 🙂


Ventimg moment: The 2 images above are my brother to a tee. I have learned to pretty much ignore him, but Dear God, do that and you get the rage. He lives with me, so I can’t get away from him. My poor husband has to deal with it and I don’t know why he hasn’t divorced me. I’d divorce me if I knew I was letting a person in the house like that, who isn’t going away.

Don’t try to tell him this, then his rage and silent treatment are worse, and he accidentally breaks things (although he’ll tell you he didn’t break/damage it). He can’t take criticism at all.

I listen to him bitch and moan for hours everyday. He asks me how I’m feeling, I try to answer, then he cuts me off with his “bad day”, “idiot people” or “shitty cheap machines”.

My husband and I will be watching a movie and he’ll come busting in, talking about some shit that we either don’t care about or don’t know about.

He needs a tinfoil hat. He gets worried when helicopters fly over our house (we’re in an area with a lot of medical copters and where executives from Merck fly in). He wonders why the township is paving on a Sunday and thinks the government is installing something.

He can’t keep a great paying job with great benefits. He doesn’t own a car. He doesn’t have health insurance. I keep telling him, “you do realize that I have Stage 4 cancer and can die at anytime right? Where are you going to live? What are you going to drive?” He gets mad and doesn’t want to talk about it. I sincerely hope my husband doesn’t let him stay here.

He will not go to a doctor because they are “stupid” and “don’t know anything”, but yet he worries about every little pain.

I am so tired of him. I’m tired of him living here. I’m tired of him always relying on me when he does the wrong thing. I’m tired of the guilt trips he lays on me. I’m tired of being a victim, but I guess I’m not tired enough to throw his ass out.

Thanks for listening to me ❤❤❤

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