Long, Sad Day…

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything here. Why? Life just marches on. I haven’t had my cancer make any noise, so it’s been boring on that front.

I’m here today to document that my lovely boy was helped to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. I’m devastated 💔 I’m exhausted, so I’m just going to copy what I write on Facebook.

We just sent Mr. Mickey over the rainbow 🌈 I want to thank Peter Hayes for giving him to me, trained, about 8 years ago. Pete, you’ll never really know how much that dog meant to me.

Mickey was a Saint, even though he didn’t like other dogs, he loved all people. He loved being outside, going on walks and hikes. He loved his family and his couch. He loved his toys, but most of all, he loved food! Any kind of food: meat, sides, veggies, and candy (yes, candy). He was large and in charge…he’d take you out if you ran across the yard. He’d roll you out of the bed, or squish you on the couch. He always wanted to be near me: he’d stare at me while I’m using the bathroom, he’d climb in the shower with me, he’d go out and get the mail with me. I’m pretty sure I was his person.

Mickey didn’t have many health issues until the last 2 years. He was diagnosed with LarPar and had at least, 2 vestibular events. His hind end failed him. He would go the bathroom where ever and when ever. He lost most of his hearing and eyesight. The one thing he never lost was his sniffer…he’d smell a cookie from a mile away.

I’m sure I’ll have many memories to talk about later, but right now I need some grieving time. It’s hard to come home to an empty house, an empty spot on the couch and now, I have to go back to sleeping upstairs, something I haven’t done in almost 3 years – between me having bone mets, breaking my femur, having hip replacement and Mickey not able to get up the stairs, the couch was my bed.

For now, I mourn a big-hearted pup, who couldn’t talk, but always let me know he loved me. RIP my sweet boy! I’ll see you again.

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